XYZ CBD Farms – A Kentucky Hemp Farm

The XYZ CBD site encompasses 130 contiguous acres of farmland suitable for expansion. At XYZ CBD Farms, we grow hemp both in the fields and in our state-of-the-art greenhouse. The region is comprised of thousands of acres of fertile farmland and skilled farmers.

Growing in the Fields at XYZ CBD Farms

Our focus is on CBD oil. That’s why we are growing a high-CBD crop in our fields. This season, we are raising 20 acres of the BaOx hemp strain. Thanks to attentive care by our team, our crops have flourished.

BaOx High-CBD Hemp

For our 2021 growing season, we chose to grow BaOx (pronounced bay-ox) in our fields. BaOx is based on selections from an inbred-line of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II seed.

BaOx hemp has a high CBD potency, typically ranging from 9% – 14%. Its THC composition is consistently less than .3%, making it an outstanding choice for therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects. It is popular among hemp growers thanks to its durability, efficient flowering time, and robust cannabinoid composition.

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The Greenhouse

At XYZ CBD Farms, we use the GrowSpan 1000 Greenhouse. Our greenhouse uses the ideal, naturally occurring conditions found in beautiful South, Central Kentucky to create a superior growing environment while reducing the negative impact on the planet’s resources.

Cherry Wine CBD Hemp

Our 2021 greenhouse grow is the Cherry Wine high-CBD hemp strain. This strain is cross between parent strains “The Wife” and “Charlotte’s Cherries.” Cherry Wine is know for its strong relaxation properties with an average of 20% CBD and low 0-.3% THC. It contains high concentrations of farsenene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene, making it terpene rich, and delivering exceptional flavor.

http://XYZ%20CBD%20Farms%20Hemp%20Clones%20in%20Greenhouse http://Greenhouse%20full%20of%20hemp%20at%20XYZ%20CBD%20Farms

XYZ CBD Farms' first hemp grow is in full swing.

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