XYZ CBD Processing

We offer storage, toll-processing, extraction, distillation, and isolation. Our 2020 facility includes a farming operations building that accommodates your biomass storage along with a state-of-the-art extraction lab for the highest quality CBD processing.


Our CBD Extraction Lab

XYZ CBD Processing uses the PodTronix Extraction Lab system – the safest, cleanest, highest quality product in the industry.

The PodTronix system is 3rd party peer reviewed by Fire Protection agencies, PSI and more. Their system far exceeds UL requirements for a safe extraction environment. With their laminar air-flow and top quality components, there is no question why PodTronix is the preferred extraction lab company in the industry.

XYZ CBD’s extraction lab incorporates PodTronix with Capna┬« Solutions fine extraction equipment to offer the highest quality CBD processing.

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Ready to turn your biomass into oil?

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XYZ CBD’s Future

In the video below, take a tour of the stage 1 XYZ CBD PROCESSING facility – projected completion date of 2022.